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Front-End for Staking Rewards Collector


This Request for Proposals is closed, meaning we are not looking for any more proposals on this topic at the moment.

  • Status: Implemented: Repo 1, finished, Repo 2, in progress
  • Proposer: JonasW3F
  • Your Project(s): -
  • Projects you think this work could be useful for Staking operations of all nominators and validators.
  • Teams/People that could deliver the RFP -

Project Description 📄

The staking-rewards-collector is a tool to gather staking rewards for given addresses and cross-reference those with daily price data. This is a very useful tool for every validator and nominator in the ecosystem. However, since it has currently a CLI and requires some technical knowledge to set up (git, nodejs, yarn). A front-end hosted on a website could help many users getting access to this tool and enjoy the benefits.

The backend is already written in javascript, this should make it quite easy to host as a website and develop a front-end.

Deliverables 🔩

In order to apply for the project, we will require you to propose the design in the form of mock-ups.

  • Implementation of a user interface:

    • Query input parameters (from the users):

      • Addresses (multiple ones are supported by the code).
      • Start and end date
      • Does the user want price data linked to staking rewards?
      • What are the startBalances of each address?
    • Data output viewer:

      • The code produces a .csv and .json file which should be displayed in the browser.
      • Visualization for the varying number of input addresses.
      • Some sorting based on network / amount.
      • Search for specific entries like dates.
      • Option to download to local storage.
    • Help page / buttons:

      • Both the input query and output viewer should have several help buttons to give explanations for all users.
  • Compatibility:

    • It should be easy to extend the underlying script and the UI should be flexible enough to incorporate that (e.g., adding another column in the data output).
  • Hosting

    • Centralized and preferably decentralized (IPFS).
  • Testing

    • Test if the code behaves as expected.
  • Total Estimated Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Full-time equivalent (FTE): 15 days
  • Total Costs: 4000 USD (provisional)

Milestone 1 (Implementation)

  • Estimated Duration: 9 days
  • FTE: 9
  • Costs: 3500 USD
1.UI for user inputDevelop an UI to request necessary data from the users.
2.UI for data visualizerDevelop an environment to display the output (.csv and .json) for the end user in a pleasurable way.
3.Help pages / commentsImplement help texts and descriptions for users.
4.Internal testingUnit tests covering the functionality and logic

Milestone 2 (Testing)

  • Estimated Duration: 3 days
  • FTE: 3 days
  • Costs: 500 USD
1.DeploymentDeploy the code on a centralized server and IPFS.
2.Test live environmentTest the homepage with various different OS and browsers and provide a report
3.PolishingReach out for feedback to the Grants Team. Integrate final feedback on functional, as well as cosmetic changes like font size, colors, typos etc.