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PHP Substrate API


This Request for Proposals is closed, meaning we are not looking for any more proposals on this topic at the moment.

Project Description 📄

The Substrate API is currently most developed in TypeScript and Rust. This RFP is looking for teams willing to implement a PHP version, perhaps in tandem with the PHP SCALE Coded (see relevant RFP).

The PHP API should:

  • be able to hook into a running Substrate node via WS or HTTP
  • read and write to RPC endpoints (will need SCALE codec - see relevant related RFP)

Optionally, the API should support types as exposed by the API. Supporting types is a long term project as those evolve constantly and differ from chain to chain, so if this road is taken by the applying team, it should be stated in a separate milestone and well defined in added maintenance time and cost (i.e. this is not something that can be delivered once - it would require a long term commitment).

Deliverables 🔩

The basic deliverable of this project is an API package hosted on Packagist which can instantiate a connection to a Substrate node and talk to constants, chain storage, and RPC endpoints. For inspiration, see the JS version:

Example use:

  • reading from RPC
$api = new SubstrateApi\Api("websocket_or_http_url");
echo $api->rpc->system->chain(); // Kusama
  • writing a tx:
$api = new SubstrateApi\Api("websocket_or_http_url");
$signer = new SubstrateApi\Keyring\Signer("privatekey");
$tx = $api->tx->balances->transfer("recipient_address", 10000);