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2. Review

  1. The committee can (and usually does) issue comments and request changes on the pull request.
  2. Clarifications and amendments made in the comments need to be included in the application. You may address feedback by directly modifying your application and leaving a comment once you're done. Generally, if you don't reply within 2 weeks, the application will be closed due to inactivity, but you're always free to reopen it as long as it hasn't been rejected.
  3. When all requested changes are addressed and the terms and conditions have been signed, someone will mark your application as ready for review and share it internally with the rest of the committee.
  4. The application will be accepted and merged as soon as it receives the required number of approvals (see levels), or closed after two weeks of inactivity. Unless specified otherwise, the day on which it is accepted will be considered the starting date of the project, and will be used to estimate delivery dates.