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Usage guidelines for the W3F Grants Program badge

Once a project's first milestone has been accepted, we intend to help teams acknowledge their grant publicly while observing the foundation’s guidelines.

To that end, we’ve created a badge for grant recipients. This is available for download in four formats under

Before you begin using the badge, please note the following points:

  • Use of the Grants Program badge is reserved for Level 2 and 3 grants.
  • Grants are awarded for specific projects, not to teams in general as a blanket endorsement.
  • Web3 Foundation and its grants program don’t broker partnerships or joint ventures, or cosign wholesale any external team’s work. Bearing that in mind, the badge should only be displayed in project-specific contexts.
  • Please do: display the badge
    • in a GitHub repository that contains code connected with the grant project,
    • on any project-specific webpage that specifically concerns the deliverables completed as part of the grant, or
    • when appropriate, in a tweet or blog post announcing your grant in a project-specific context.
  • Please don’t:
    • display the badge on your team or project's landing page,
    • use the badge before your first milestone has been accepted,
    • add it to any social media profiles, or
    • use it in any other context that could misrepresent your relationship with the Web3 Foundation.

Also, please don't use the name or logo of the Web3 Foundation in any context that could misrepresent your relationship with Web3 Foundation. Infringement of these guidelines can result in an immediate annulment of the grant.

In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at