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Announcement Guidelines

Guidelines updated August 2021

Web3 Foundation (W3F) supports many teams and organizations throughout the ecosystem. We often receive requests to participate in project announcements. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests, we rarely do joint announcements and do not provide quotes.

In the context of the grants programs, we ask teams not to make any announcements before the first milestone has been accepted. This is in order to protect the community from projects that only intend to use the grant announcement to raise funds and/or interest but don't intend to deliver on the application, which has unfortunately happened in the past. For this reason, we reserve the right to terminate grants if this rule is not observed.

Once you have completed your milestone, we can help by reviewing and proofreading your blogpost. When you have drafted your announcement, send it to and add in cc. Please allow 1-3 working days where possible for proofreading articles and wait until the milestone has been accepted to publish it.

We also cross-promote the most recent projects and their milestones on Twitter on the second Monday of every month, so please keep us updated and send us the links to your published tweets regarding your announcements.

We recommend the following guidelines when writing your post

  • The post should be strategic in nature, focusing on the tech rather than the "announcement" element.
  • The team should point to the work, in order to attract attention for the project and demonstrate momentum in the ecosystem. It should be informative for builders and the larger community.
  • The post should include a link to a GitHub repository or elsewhere to showcase what's been built so far.
  • Suggested flow for the post:
    • This is what the team has built so far.
    • These are the team's future development plans.
    • This is how the technology will contribute to the Polkadot ecosystem.

Key components

  1. A blog post header image
    • An image helps when sharing the announcement on social networks. It's more prominent in feeds and looks more professional.
    • Image ideas include showing how W3F or Polkadot fit into your flow. Or you can simply put the teams' logos next to each other.
  2. About your team
    • This is a chance to share more about your project and what it does.
    • You can also highlight additional use cases for this new integration.
  3. Why you chose to build on this tech stack
    • Illustrate the rationale for the relationship - why did you decide to work with Web3 Foundation?
    • Describe the benefits of building on Polkadot, Kusama etc. (shared security, ease of use, ease of deployment, ease of interchain communication, decentralized, trusted, etc.) and why it was important to have these features for your project.
  4. Quote
    • Your CEO / CTO / Founder may want to include a quote of why they picked Web3 Foundation to help gain more visibility and traction in the market.
  5. Description of Web3 Foundation
    • If you wish to mention W3F or Polkadot within the body of your text we recommend the following or similar:

      "Web3 Foundation funds research and development teams building the technology stack of the decentralized web. It was established in Zug, Switzerland by Ethereum co-founder and former CTO Gavin Wood. Polkadot is the Foundation's flagship project."

      "Polkadot is a scalable sharded chain and the first protocol that provides a secure environment for cross-chain composability across multiple shards. Polkadot also introduces a highly advanced, open governance system that will allow the network to innovate and grow at a much faster pace than legacy networks. Applications from DeFi to energy to gaming will thrive on Polkadot, challenging the centralized platforms of Web 2.0."

  6. Social connections
    • The following text regarding Web3 Foundation's social presence can be added at the end of your article:

      "Learn more about Web3 Foundation by visiting their website, and stay up to date with the latest developments by following them on Medium or Twitter."

  1. Use specific verbs such as integrate, support or build.
  2. Don't use descriptors like partner/partnership, collaborations, affiliate, strategic or long-term in these announcements—due to the various and evolving ways W3F works with the ecosystem.
  3. Don't describe your technology as the "first" to build on Polkadot—timing for launch implementations across all our projects is indefinite.
  4. Don't indicate that W3F or Polkadot prefers a certain technology over all others:
    • As such, do not use: "W3F recommends that teams use this tech to build X"
    • Instead speak of the merits of the tech: "This technology provides great utility for the Polkadot network through..."

We look forward to working with you in creating the next generation of the internet! If you have any questions or would like to be included in our next announcement, please email