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This document is referenced in the terms and conditions and therefore needs to contain all the required information. Don't remove any of the mandatory parts presented in bold letters or as headlines! See the Open Grants Program Process on how to submit a proposal.

  • Proposer: jbibla / luniehq
  • Payment Address: 39HFsCCkyCPs7k6CAs2MjFcreL79sDCvEy

The above combination of your GitHub account and payment address will be your unique identifier during the program. Please keep them safe.

Project Description πŸ“„β€‹

Please provide the following:

  • A brief description of the project.

    Lunie is one of the top staking and governance platforms for proof of stake blockchains. We'd like to add support for Kusama and Polkadot governance to our iOS, Android, and web applications. Support would include integration with the Ledger Nano app (when available), our Lunie browser extension, Polkadot JS extension, and Lunie iOS and Android. We'd also like to include two guides for how governance in Kusama and Polkadot works.

  • An indication of why this project is good for the ecosystem.

    Participating in the staking economy can be complex and overwhelming. Governance engagement tends to be lower than the broader community would like. Lunie can help by providing a modern user experience and easy-to-use products that Kusama / Polkadot users will love. Our mobile apps, web wallet, and browser extension make it extremely simple to create and read proposals, deposit on proposals, vote on proposals, and understand the origin of the submissions. Having support for Kusama and Polkadot governance in Lunie will make them more accessible, understandable, and more delightful to engage with. Cosmos token holders and validators love Lunie β€” and we think Polka-folks will too. πŸ˜‡

  • An indication of how you will integrate this project into Substrate / Polkadot.

    Lunie is an extensible staking and governance platform. The integration will involve working with our node partners, writing governance API mappers for the Lunie API, integrating Polkadot in our test suites, and building UI for governance related activities.

  • An indication of why your team is interested in creating this project.

    Polkadot is one of the most promising new blockchain platforms. We are passionate about providing world class experiences for staking communities around the world and are confident that a Lunie x Polkadot integation would be extremely well-received and impactful. We're excited to dive deep into Polkadot governance to help drive engagement and ease the overall experience.

Team πŸ‘₯​

  • Members: Jordan Bibla, Fabian Weber, + 3 engineers, 1 ecosystem developer, 1 designer
  • LinkedIn Profiles:,
  • Code Repos:
  • Website:
  • Legal Structure: Lunie International Software Systems Inc., 60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K 1X9
  • Team's Experience: Jordan and Fabian helped launch the Cosmos Network as employees of Tendermint Inc. They have spent the last two and a half years building, researching, and designing proof of stake experiences together. The Lunie team has also recently completed staking integrations for Kusama.

Development Roadmap πŸ”©β€‹

  • Total Estimated Duration: 5 weeks
  • Full-time equivalent (FTE): 5.5
  • Total Costs: 3.13 BTC

Milestone 1​

Proposals in Lunie​

  • Estimated Duration: 1 week
  • FTE: 1.25
  • Costs: 0.35 BTC
1.Proposals are readable in Lunie see list of active proposals see when proposals are active and for how long see how the proposals are performing in terms of votes see potential proposals (in the queue

Milestone 2​

Governance Transactions​

  • Estimated Duration: 2 weeks
  • FTE: 2
  • Costs: 1.11 BTC
2.Voting, Deposits, Time Locking provide ability to vote and deposit on proposals vote β€œyes” or β€œno” on given proposals select how many DOTs a user wants to vote with provide ability to time-lock DOTs to increase the weight of the vote *

Milestone 3​

Notifications, Council, Treasury​

  • Estimated Duration: 3 weeks
  • FTE: 2.25
  • Costs: 1.67 BTC
3.Notifications, Council, Treasury ability to recieve notifications for on-chain governance topics see active council members see treasury proposals

Additional Information βž•β€‹

Any additional information that you think is relevant to this application that hasn't already been included.

We have been working closely with Dieter and David on our previous milestones and have been asked to submit this application for governance to complete our Kusama / Polkadot integration.

Possible additional information to include:

  • What work has been done so far?

We have completed account management and staking for Kusama. We have a rudimentary on-chain governance experience in place for Cosmos and Terra.

  • Are there are any teams who have already contributed (financially) to the project?
  • Have you applied for other grants so far?
  • Are there any other projects similar to yours? If so, how is your project different?
  • The team's long-term plans and intentions with this project.