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  • Proposer: Halva
  • Payment Address: 1837ca1w8WK9yfaVo5Lhgg4sENK2Tq3FgW

Project Description 📄

Halva is a toolchain for improving the experience of developing Decentralized Applications based on Substrate. It provides a high-level way to configure a development environment, interact with Substrate through external API and writing your test cases.

Halva inspired by Truffle but implements Substrate specific API. It targets testing extrinsics via RPC calls this allows test Substrate (or clients compatible with Substrate RPC) as a black-box. Halva uses Polkadot.js to interact with RPC.

Right now you must do much boilerplate code around your testing framework (mocha, chai, ava, etc) so that beginning testing your Substrate based app. Halva addressing these challenges.

Team 👥

Our team develops software about 10+ years and decentralized applications since 2017. We have a great experience with typescript, node.js, and testing frameworks.

Development Roadmap 🔩

  • Total Estimated Duration: 5 weeks
  • Full-time equivalent (FTE): 1.5
  • Total Costs: 1.82 BTC

Milestone 1

Core functional for automated testing with Mocha and Chai. This stage involves the creation of basic functionality for running tests. It will include the TestRunner package, and assertions to simplify checking external calls.


  • .passes Asserts that the passed async extrinsic does not fail.

  • .eventEmitted The eventEmitted assertion checks that an event has been emitted by the transaction with result

  • .eventNotEmitted The eventNotEmitted assertion checks that an event has not been emitted by the transaction with result

  • .reverts Asserts that the passed async extrinsic fails with a certain reason.

  • Estimated Duration: 5 weeks

  • FTE: 1.5

  • Costs: 1.82 BTC

1.ConfigurationNetwork config for interacting with many public & private networks, keyring config for initializing test accounts and chain spec parser
2.CoreImplement primitives, assertions, a high-order function for a test-cases
3.TestingImplement scripts for command halva test. It run JavaScript tests with pre-initialized accounts.
4.DocumentationsWrite documentations