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Starry Protocol

  • Proposer: Starry Network
  • Payment Address: 0xe29DE8c6088d241647e6456F8b4755a3D0f7c8B1

Project Overview 📄


It is well known that most NFTs are traded either directly or by auction, and the single NFT limit the flexibility of NFTs in some ways.

Splittable NFT will bring liquidity, lower barriers to entry and more possibilities to NFT ecosystem. For example, buying SubNFTs on bonding curve will allow for better pricing of works, while NFTs that are otherwise very expensive can be collected by more people, it is also possible to purchase a group of NFT tokens and contribute to the management of this group of NFTs.

Starry provides some solutions for splittable NFTs, such as: splitting Single NFT into some SubNFTs, splitting Single NFT into some fungible tokens, and splitting a group of NFTs into some fungible tokens and managing them using dao.

Project Details

The Starry Protocol contains four parts: Pallet_NFT, Pallet_SubNFT, Pallet_EX, Frontend



An NFT Wrapper to split NFTs into SubNFTs or fungible tokens, or a set of NFTs into fungible tokens( without DAO). Here is demo page.


Split a set of NFTs into fungible tokens and manage the NFTs in a DAO way, such as adding more NFTs or selling NFTs. Here is demo page.


exchange NFT (including buying SubNFTs with bonding curve/one price) and send royalties generated by each transaction to the creator. Here is demo page.


Interaction with users. Here is a demo

Team 👥

Team members

  • Poria - Full-stack Developer


  • No Legal Entity

Team's experience


  • Full-stack Developer
  • Expertise in using JS, PHP, Python, Rust
  • Have written blockchain with DAG structure in JS

Team Code Repos

Development Roadmap 🔩


  • Total Estimated Duration: 2.5 months
  • Full-time equivalent (FTE): 1
  • Total Costs: 10000 DAI

Milestone 1 Example — Implement Substrate Modules

  • Estimated Duration: 2.5 months
  • FTE: 1
  • Costs: 10000 DAI
0a.LicenseApache License 2.0
0b.DocumentationDocuments containing the description of whole architecture design for Starry
0c.Testing GuideProvide a full test suite and guide for NFT. The code will have unit-test coverage (min. 70%) to ensure functionality and robustness.
0d.Article/TutorialWrite an article or tutorial that explains the work done as part of the grant on medium.
1a.Node RepoComplete the deployment of the basic public chain
2a.Pallet_SubNFTComplete the development of pallet_subNFT, relize the split, transfer, burn and recover mechanism
2b.Pallet_NFTDAOComplete the development of Pallet_NFTDAO, relize the split NFTs, and dao mechanism
2c.Pallet_EXComplete the development of pallet_ex, relize the bonding curve and one price mechanism
3.Front EndComplete the development of the basic interactive page in React, the demo is demo
5.DockerWe will provide a dockerfile to demonstrate the full functionality of our chain
6.PSPAdd a Polkadot Standards Proposal about Splittable NFT

Future Plans

  • Implementing auction functions (English auction, Dutch auction).
  • Adding auctions to NFT DAO.
  • Add comments, favorites and data analysis to Starry to improve the Starry ecosystem.
  • Simplify the usage process and make NFT more friendly to newcomers.
  • Implementing cross-chain transmission NFT.
  • Lead the community to hold online exhibitions and comment on good NFT works, using tokens to promote these beneficial behaviors.

Additional Information ➕

  • What is the difference between SubNFT and Erc-1155?

    erc-1155's multiple NFT is Semi-fungible tokens, these tokens use same token_id.

    SubNFT splits single NFT into different NFTs, each SubNFT has its own token_id. As a result, subNFT is even rarer and suitable as a collector's item.

    For example, we can use Semi-fungible tokens to create general admission tickets for a concert, and then use SubNFT to create commemorative tickets.

  • What is the difference between SubNFT and Erc-721?

    subNFT is also erc-721 token

  • Perhaps you may be confused with how nft dao works, here is an example to explain it:

    Alice created the token named DOGE with a set of NFTs related to the Doge meme, but she did not want to manage this set of NFTs herself, so Alice created the Doge NFTS DAO.

    Bob was very happy with Doge and created NFT related to Doge, at this time he saw Doge NFTS DAO, so he thought it would be a great thing to put his work into this DAO, so he launched a proposal with this NFT and hoped to get 2000 DOGE in return.

    Charlie likes Doge-related NFTs and holds many DOGE. One day, Charlie saw an NFT that he thought would be helpful for the appreciation of DOGE, so he bought it on Starry and then initiated a proposal in DAO to add the NFT and hoped to get 1500 DOGE to make up for the loss (of course he could have done without the 1500 DOGE).

    Dave was an active participant in the Doge NFTS DAO and when he looked at the proposals he saw Bob and Charlie's proposals and thought they were great proposals, so Dave used a certain DOGE to agree to both proposals.

    Since most people agreed with Bob and Charlie's proposal, the proposed NFTs were added to the NFTs managed by the DAO and the corresponding DOGEs were minted for Bob and Charlie.