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Polkadot UI Web Identicon + Angular Identicon

  • Team Name: RidOne Technologies
  • Payment Address: DAI 0xfA34F566bDDcA92Dc656310F08AC5aE64fC46456

Project Overview


The project goal is to develop framework agnostic Polkadot.js Web Identicon and also Angular Identicon components for generating identity icon with address as input.The project is inspired by polkadot/react-identicon

Project Details

With a wide variety of front-end javascript framework, having framework agnostic components or tools is important for a broader and easier adoption of those components. The polkadot.js UI for now has only React and Vue UI components but actually there are others javascript frontend frameworks like Angular, svelte, ember.js,..

The project consist of the following parts :

  • Web UI Identicon : will be defined as Web component and can be used like any other native html element like p or div and it will be used by any Javascript Front-end project using Polkadot.js. For example Angular, React, React-Native, Ember, Vue, ....
  • The Angular UI Identicon : this component will be specific for the Angular projects using Polkadot.js library ang needing the UI Identicon component like polkadot/react-identicon is specific to react.js applications.

  • Technical documentation, demo and tutorials on how to use the components

We will not reinvent the wheel but rather be inspired by the logic used inside the react component and transpose it into the Angular Indenticon component and the Web (framework agnostic) Identicon component.

For The Web and the Angular Idendicons once approved will be deployed into the npm registry.

Ecosystem Fit

The Polkadot.js Web UI Identicon will be of a good utility and will allow an easy adoption for team using a javascript frontend framework. For Angular developers there also will have their the angular flavor.


Team members

  • Mor GUEYE: Founder


  • Registered Address: Pikine, Dakar, Senegal
  • Registered Legal Entity: Ridone Technologies

Team's experience

Mor actually based in Paris, has a strong experience building web and mobile applications using technologies like Angular, Ionic, Flutter.

He has succesfully participated in development of the Orange Money mobile application for ios and android using the Angular/Ionic stack. He has done consulting and development for 7 years and is now in blockchain applications development after the completion of the Substrate Runtime Developer Academy program by Industry Connect and Acala and Parity Technologies. The oragnization repo is quie new but some worki is ongoing in the background.

Team Code Repos

Team LinkedIn Profiles

Development Roadmap


  • Total Estimated Duration: 5 weeks
  • Full-time equivalent (FTE): 0.62 FTE
  • Total Costs: 4,000 DAI

Milestone 1: Angular-UI Identicon and Web Identicon for polkadot.js

  • Estimated Duration: 4 weeks
  • FTE: 0,62
  • Costs: 4,000 DAI

In this milestone, We will implement Angular and Web UI Identicon components | Number | Deliverable | Specification | | ------------- | ------------- | ------------- | | 0a. | Licence | Apache 2.0 | | 0b. | Documentation | We will provide both inline documentation of the code and a basic tutorial that explains how a user can use the Web or Angular Identicon for its polkadot.js library based application| | 0c. | Testing guide | The code will have unit-test coverage (min. 70%) to ensure functionality and robustness. In the guide we will describe how to run these tests | | 0d. | Article/Tutorial | We will write an article or tutorial that explains the work done as part of the grant. | | 1. | Angular_Identicon | implementation of the component + Testing | | 2. | Web_Identicon | implementation of the web component + Testing | | 3. | publishing into NPM registry | | 4. | Documentation/ Tutorials | Documentation and Tutorials on usage example for both Angular and Web Identicon |

Future Plans

Once the packages validated and deployed, we will enrich the ecosystem by :

  • creating with the same approach versions for web (framework agnostic ) and Angular versions of the react-qr that allows for the transfer of addresses and transaction payloads to and from external readers.

  • We also plan to create a Flutter Identicon (as Flutter will be used in our coming products) either by using under the hood the Polkadot UI Web Identicon with webview or using the polkadot dart library which is in WIP mode for now.