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polkadot-validator-setup maintenance

Project Description 📄

One of the more accessible ways of spinning up validator nodes is by using the polkadot-validator-setup repository, which uses a mix of terraform and ansible tools to create a server, adjust its configuration and install the necessary packages needed for running a substrate node.

This RFP aims at providing maintenance to that repository and add some small features.

Deliverables 🔩

A list of possible tasks to work on:

  • fixing issues and improving documentation
  • updating any libraries/deps needed
  • support additional terraform backends to store the terraform state (currently only gcp, could add s3: see this issue and local storage or even git - it should be discouraged in prod but very useful for testing). See also this issue
  • investigate pass-phrased ssh key deployment: issue 109
  • add additional cloud providers to terraform: alicloud, OVS