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Alternative javascript console for Polkadot JS API

Project Description 📄

Current State

We have a Javascript console on the Developer tab which is really useful for running Polkadot-JS API scripts Polkadot-JS API docs

Link -, UI screenshot below


Current limitations of the above console: Cannot save code properly, not many keyboard shortcuts, cannot customize configurations.

Alternative polkadot js API playground



A new Polkadot-JS API playground with VS Code-like configurations like save the code, workspace, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

some examples -> here we have to manually build and run our js bundles image

Why alternative javascript console for Polkadot-JS API?

Current polkadot js API console which I mentioned in beginning of this post, has some limitations, which we can overcome by creating a better version for smoother dev experience.

Deliverables 🔩

The following items could be the initial deliverables of the project. Of course, improvements and additions are more than welcome.

  • Initial research:

  • Development:

    • design a new UI/UX with better experience than current javascript console with features like

      • save code preferably with secure session management
      • keyboard shortcuts
      • example

      Any additional features which make the Polkadot-JS experience more productive and smoother are welcome.